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The Island of “Lefkada” western Greek mainland is considered beautiful island in Greece. Not long drive from Athens Heaven revealed the full sense of the word, a scenic blue sea around it, where is filled with harmony between man and nature connect the water to the sky. We Israelis are very familiar with the eastern […]

Bars & Clubs

The night life in Lefkada When the sun goes down on the island Lefkada, the Nightlife in various towns beginning. Lefkada is an island that combines everything in a unique way, you can find a variety of restaurants and bars can cover all the affirmative. You will bask in the quiet cafe or restaurant for […]

Restaurants & Taverns

Restaurants & Taverns Our recommended dining area … Taverna “Vagelares” – In the end of the pier, the stunning “Vassiliki” bay, is owned tavern amazing guy season dubbed “How are you …” His real name is “George” but this is the best way to please him. In the Taverna you will find the best Greek […]


Agiofili Beach is one of the purest crystal beaches in Lefkada . Located a few kilometers from the town ” Vassiliki”. The way to the beach is a stone path , which should go away for about 8 minutes on foot down the sandy path until reaching the perfect beach . Another way favored is […]

The Lighthouse in Lefkada

Lighthouse Lefkada –The famous lighthouse of the island Lefkada, was built in 1913, is located on the southern side of the island in region called – Cape Ducato.This is one of the most recommended dive locations on the island, which reaches a depth of 40 meters and visibility of 30 meters, with a amazing underwater […]

Lefkada City

Old Town Lefkada, is the center of the island. In the city you will enjoy a variety of tavernas, restaurants, shops and all in the amazing coastline. Those who choose to stay in the city will be able to stay in one of the hotels that located in all major and accessible beaches and other […]


  In the calm of the afternoon, you will visit the Sivota Bay incredibly handsome, upscale promenade style. The bay offers a variety of cafes, bars and local taverns and restaurants with a taste for more, against the blue sea and beautiful yachts owned by locals. Sivota Bay is one of the most beautiful bays […]

“Dimossari” Waterfalls

In the island, there is a abundance of underground water reservoirs and this is one of the reasons why the island is covered with greenery all year. Mountainous terrain of the island is the source of the formation of numerous waterfalls, Dimossari is gradual and beautiful waterfall near the village “Nidri” that spilled to pools […]

The winery of Lefkada

Between “vasiliki” to “sivota”, on the hillside among olive trees and vineyards, there is a wine winery open to visitors. In the stone barracks a guided tour can be edited (in English) and follow the production process of different types of wine, and of course to taste. You can purchase bottles of quality wine inexpensively.

Paragliding “Agios Nikitas”

If you are tired of sitting on the beach and adrenaline is flowing in your blood, in the picturesque town of “Agios Nikitas” there is the “Rocks and Clouds” paragliding club. The island of Lefkada is known for its amazing views and beaches, imagine seeing all this beauty from a bird’s eye view… The idea […]

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