We recommend therefore stopping places in the beautiful island in Greece – Lefkada .
So you can enjoy the beautiful and varied trip along the coast and the mountains and traditional villages .
Have a good trip !

 – The first town is ” Delphi “ mythical historical site , ” home of Haorocol ” , the seat of the oracle of Delphi is the most important site and by many is considered as a site of great archaeological importance in Greece as a whole. Delphi town itself is a small commercial city , located on the edge of a cliff and offers stunning views of the surrounding area . You should visit the Delphi Museum , which contains a wonderful collection of ancient sculptures . Recommended for travelers who decide to spend a night in Athens and then continue Lefkada , because it is a little extension of the way. Highly recommended !



– Corinth Canal : canal that connects stunning Saronic Gulf  of Corinth . The length of the channel is 6 miles, and both ends of the canal built bridges for the passage of vehicles. Beautiful canal boats known passage of tourists


One of the most spectacular experiences in Greece is the view of the Corinth Canal , an impressive feat of engineering and exceptional , not just a Greek scale local area that provides the most significant contemporary attraction . Recommended for those who come here go half a day of sailing on a yacht equipped and equipped local and indulge in stunning vistas seen from everywhere hewn from the cliffs where the canal on both sides . Corinth Canal you can enjoy one of the coolest attractions – bungee jumping , recommended! !


Soaring walls of the channel height of 90 meters above the water. Over the canal were two bridges , one railway and one main road from Greece Peloponnese . Today pass canal boats tourists mainly because not wide enough modern cargo ships crossing . 11,000 ships a year pass through the canal. Greatly helped the channel status of Piraeus main port in the Mediterranean.

Traveling from Athens to Lefkada way . Corinth Canal could be breakpoint stunning way . Surprising that the Greeks did not bother to put a sign in the direction of that remarkable Corinth Canal . All this wonder pass under freeway between Athens and the Peloponnese with no special mention .

Aitoliko town – island connected to the mainland on each side two bridges , populated by around 10,000 inhabitants on the island you can visit the local taverns and restaurants to enjoy the green nature island and bird species .


 ” Petra ” is the third largest city in Greece in Lefkada , the city is in the north – western Peloponnese , the Ionian coast .

Peters more than 200,000 residents. Is a commercial center and has a large and thriving port . City coordinates marine trade routes from the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian , a regular ferries from Italy, and the traffic bridge Rio – Antirrio .

 The city abounds in restaurants cafes , pubs and shopping centers . There is a market that runs on the weekends at the Square ” Psila Alonia ” playground in the city , and the famous carnival held in the months of February – March .

The most prominent site Petra is the Roman theater , restored and open as a theater used for plays and concerts during the summer. Also there are the ruins of a Venetian castle , a relic from the established in the city during the 18th century , dominates the city and is currently used as the site is open.

suspension bridge crossing Corinth Gulf strait, Greece. Is the world's second longest cable-stayed bridge;

After crossing the great bridge of ” Petra ” You can stop there for a snack or a heavy , souvlaki , etc. .

The next point – Amfilochia

Is a city and municipality in north- western Greece , situated right on the edge of the bay shortest way to the island Lefkada . You can see where schools , schools ( junior high school ) , a gymnasium ( high schools ) , churches , banks , supermarket Also, cafes and restaurants on the pier , equal to the last stop before reaching the island of Lefkada .



– The next point – Lefkada town

  Could be the next point stop right after crossing the bridge to the island , the town of Lefkada .



Also where you can stop and eat excellent taverns half price for a good affordable coffee or drink in one of the cafes , markets can also visit the city and enjoy a shopping spree or just make a short trip pedestrian .

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