Food, drinks & Events

We specialize in a varied menu that combines Greek and Mediterranean cuisine, served on the hotel balcony in front of a spectacular and breathtaking view of the meeting of the sea and the sky.

Every day between 09:00 and 10:30
Breakfast includes a selection of local products.
Every ingredient in the meal is fresh and colorful.
We buy the honey and olives from the growers in the ethnic village, which is their main occupation, the eggs come from the village chickens, the cheeses and Greek yogurt are made from goat’s milk and come from the neighboring farm, the fruits and vegetables are fresh and every morning the village baker comes and brings warm and delicious bread.
Just like in Greece!

Drink bar
Tony’s Cocktail Bar
Every day between 14:00 and 23:00
The perfect place for a drink and tapas in front of the most beautiful sunset on the island.
The bar offers a variety of alcoholic drinks, cocktails, soft drinks and hot drinks.
You can sip the drink on the balcony or go down to the infinity pool area of the hotel where the water touches the sky.

Celebrating a wedding, birthday, anniversary, marriage proposal or any special event,
For an unforgettable event – to celebrate the happiest moments and create the most exciting memories.

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