“Athani” Village

A beautiful mountain village, overlooking Gialos beach . Recently the village has developed in the tourism and lodging. The Village has all the facilities to fulfill the basic needs of its inhabitants, it famous for its traditional architecture and delicious honey. The first residents were the Italians, in the 15th century came to the village a few Spanish-speaking Jews. During 1950-1960, many residents left the village to the large Greek cities in search of work. Today permanent residents make their living from tourism in the summer time, during the year they produce honey and olive oil. The village leads in many fields, such as the great beaches Porto “Katsiki” and “Gialos”. Lighthouse of Lefkada is also a few kilometers from the village, the ruins of the ancient temple of “Apollo” are close. The village combines natural beauty and historic sites. Above the village on the hillside you will find the percentage of “serenity” overlooking the magnificent view of the island.

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