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Our recommended dining area …

Taverna “Vagelares” –

In the end of the pier, the stunning “Vassiliki” bay, is owned tavern amazing guy season dubbed “How are you …” His real name is “George” but this is the best way to please him. In the Taverna you will find the best Greek dishes, the fish and the best seafood on the island usually caught that morning, fresh Instead guaranteed!!! Recommend!!!

– TROCOLO – Coffe Bar in Sivota

In the amazing village “Sivota” , you can find magical corners, one of then is Coffe&bAR “TROCOLO” . The uniqueness is positioned on a pier in the trees and plants which usually anchored yachts. The coffee bar is located in a building which was built 90 years ago and was used as a factory for the production of oil. You will find a quiet spot to read a book, looking at the sea and breathe in the salty smell of the water.

Taverna Vangelos – “No menu”

Fishing town “Nydri” can be found at the beginning of the width on the left (if Baha’is south island) tavern owned by a special man called “Vangalos” beyond being an interesting person special and friendly, he specializes in spontaneously expressed that this restaurant can not find a menu, Van Gallo simply drew near your table chat a bit with you, feel you and then would fit in accordance call you the perfect seasoning food with his opinion, and indeed friends can testify from experience delicious food with a special local flavors, fish dishes highly recommended.

“Panorama”  Tavern

In the village “Athani”, just below the Serenity boutique hotel, opposite the stunning scenery of the Ionian Sea, lies a tavern with excellent homely atmosphere .
In tavern “Panorama” you can enjoy authentic Greek cuisine, fresh fish daily, local wine and a variety of specials.
The owner, Thomas his name, gives each diner personal attention .
The stunning view, authentic music, delicious food and warm attitude factors to please each guest, and alignment for hours. Highly recommended!!

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