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The Island of “Lefkada” western Greek mainland is considered beautiful island in Greece. Not long drive from Athens Heaven revealed the full sense of the word, a scenic blue sea around it, where is filled with harmony between man and nature connect the water to the sky.

We Israelis are very familiar with the eastern gate, exposed to the Western Isles sailing in the sea “dovish” turquoise blue known his rare. You can reach the islands “Aitika”,”Cephalonia”,”Klmos” and of course around Lefkada.

Following the writing of one of the passengers in our path to illustrate some of the atmosphere and feelings: “Cruise little island” Klmos “There was a light wind characteristic of the region enclosed between the islands,” fax “,” Aitika “and the beach in northern Greece. Klmos is a tiny island with a harbor deep water, used almost exclusive Hflotilot (Fleet yachts) come undocked short and some fishing boats, local round my feet in a small village nestled in the side of the harbor, seen here time has stood still. I love the anchor tiny and remote Greek islands. has fewer and fewer places that are not full of tourists. “Klmos “He is one of these island all went slowly, or sat in the shade, or sat under the vine terraces. individual who was running restless was Tkis. serves as a router, director and working marina, a restaurant, a waiter and an intelligence, remote it detects a yacht approaching, walking quickly (which is actually a criminal offense on the island), it reaches the entrance of the harbor and directs the boat to its mooring., he helps tying her sometimes by giving instructions in six languages ??in different European, then he ran to the restaurant to order, served and ran to yacht again, while he runs around and we B”snti “our drinking Turkish coffee (do not dare mention the Turks! perfect common ground to chat with Greeks, hate Turkish) and chatting with Irina waitress came a tiny island from Athens to work. including the Greek Islands population doubles in the summer without taking into account the tourists domain. schedule did not allow us to stay on the island amazing, we noted we return to the island on a schedule less crowded and we went to the east coast the Greek … I must say that during the voyage seen beaches so rare beauty.’s funny that my travels throughout North America, South and Central, in many countries in Eastern Indonesia Philippines, Vietnam … I have not seen those beaches., and the biggest joke that it’s right here under your nose … “

We will help you to get an unforgettable places and lesser known beaches and most unspoilt Greek islands.

השכרת סירות

Prices are in euros per rental day.

The boat must be returned by 6 pm.

Boat rentals include equipment such as life jackets, tanning beds and shade.

Sailing instructions are in place.

For every problem there please call appears on the boat.

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