The playground of the Gods!

4/6/12 This is the Ionian Sea. With the island of Ithaca over the way, my Odyssey. My first visit to the Serenity Spa Hotel was in early Spring with abundant flowers nestling in centuries-old olive groves and lush green forests. Toni and Hanni’s dream of opening a spa came true when Toni stood on a mountain hillside above Athani village on the rugged western side of Lefkada Island. “This is the spot,” she said, “under this sky” – with an uninterrupted view of the turquoise sea. She drove me up, up through the forest until we were faced with a large studded arched entrance which reminded me of the front-door in fairy tales. Once inside we entered another world! High beams, old-fashioned furniture, a suspended iron fireplace (not forgetting a well-stocked bar!) but we were immediately drawn through to the immense terrace seemingly suspended on the sea itself.


19/8/12 Toni, petite and blonde, and Hanni, tall and dark, love their island and the Greeks love them! But the dream extends itself to using their knowledge of cosmetics and spa treatments to give their guests a totally relaxing and energizing stay. After my first experience with exfoliating sea salt and various massage techniques, I sat in a jacuzzi and renewed my soul! Yes, I can say that – because afterwards, sitting on the terrace looking out on the vast expanse of sea, with the large pool below, volcanic-coloured, mirroring the dramatic sky at sunset, nothing could be more perfect. And at night I remained awestruck by the myriad stars in a black sky and watched the moon rise, its path shining far out at sea, my view from my private balcony.

Lazy days

Lazy days are spent around the infinity pool on cushions, Eastern-style, with a nargila and candlelight and music in the evening. Here one really feels that the edge of the pool joins the sea and horizon and one can touch the reflection of the changing colours on the water. Twilight is magic. Hanni and Toni are also devoted to sharing the beauty of this island. Everything was arranged and taken care of so that I had a totally carefree visit. Breakfast was prepared whenever I came down and a phone call to the spa on the way back from a trip could arrange for a meal to be ready on arrival. And Hanni’s talents as a chef are beyond all expectations! As remote as the spa is, it is within reach of the whole island. I was lucky that, being early in the season, Toni had time to show me around. Her enthusiasm and genuine pleasure in visiting her favourite places added to my enjoyment.

I could have lived there forever!

A cut through the mountains, with spectacular views, took us to the South, to the fishing village of Vassiliki, but what struck me was that even driving through the same roads at times, the colours and views were ever-changing. I was perpetually asking where we were! They have friends everywhere. “Can I get you another coffee?” I asked the good-looking Greek guy sitting nearby. “No way,” he answered, protecting his cup. I discovered Hellenikos, the black Greek coffee you can sit in front of for hours. And a meal at the taverna near the fishing boats was the catch-of-the-day piled high on the plate, crisply cooked, with a greek salad (!) topped with feta cheese, fresh thick-sliced white bread, olives, and the local wine, costing less than 20 euros for two. I could have lived there forever!


But the biggest surprise came on my last day, when I thought I’d seen everything, all the magnificent beaches and cliff views and ancient olive trees and mountain villages. Toni drove me down a winding stony road until we reached the shining sea with the lacy foam lapping the dazzling white pebbles of a beach haphazardly strewn with large boulders. “The playground of the Gods,” she said. ” They were giants; they threw the rocks around playing their game.” Ancient Greece and all the stories. We returned to the Serenity Boutique Spa Hotel just as the sky was turning crimson. A holiday out of time. There was Hanni welcoming us. “What would you like?” she asked as I sat down on the terrace. “Hellenikos,” I answered.  

“Amazing Place – Great views of the Sunset & Ocean”

We stayed here for one night in September 2013. It was a very special evening for me as my boyfriend proposed to me at a restaurant in the village and then surprised me with an overnight stay at Serenity. The hotel is not stating itself as a 5* hotel, it is a boutique hotel with the most amazing views of the sunset and the ocean. It has only a few rooms, we stayed in one of the Suite rooms downstairs. The room was very unique with a sunken bed into the floor which was unusual but very comfortable, lots of nice unusual features. The bathroom is not open plan it is a separate room with a door but the room has a gap at the top so it is not entirely shut off from the rest of the room, but it is not a problem, the shower is lovely and the bathroom very modern. The doors do lock you get keys, they are sliding patio style doors but we had no problem locking our door and felt very secure. The view from our room was lovely and we had 2 sunbeds just outside to sunbathe on. The infinity pool was great and big colourful bean bags all around if you wanted to relax. The 2 owners where lovely to us giving us a bottle of red wine when they realised we had just got engaged and a cake. The breakfast the next morning was lovely, bread, jam, cheese, yoghurt, honey, feta, salad and this lovely Israeli egg& tomato dish which was lovely, fresh coffee and water. When we commented on how lovely the jam was, the owner advised they made it themselves one was fig and one was grape. They then proceeded to give us a gift of both jams in large jars which they wrapped up securely so we could take home on our flight. It was very thoughtful of them. This place is gorgeous, yes some aspects of it are not 5*, but we got 5* service & 5* views and I would recommend anyone to stay here.

“A magical place to stay – you will not want to leave”

A wonderful small hotel. Everything about it oozes charm and magic. First, the location – looking out west over the sea. Second, your hosts, who work hard to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Third, the design and decoration. It’s simple, very modern with a mix of old and new furniture – plenty of quirky touches. Fourth, it is very romantic. I took my wife there for her birthday. Fifth, the massages. Highly recommended. Sixth, the food – simple Israeli dishes, ideal sitting on the terrace watching the sun set. I could keep on counting……

We were there only one night, but I would have gladly stayed longer.


i dont usually write reviews, but this time i felt i must. we came to Vasiliki for our honeymoon and serenety made it a perfect one. first of all the view-the best we ever seen. second -the service. everything about Toni and Hanny, the hostesses, was great . they let me and my wife feel both relaxed and taking care off with warmth we never felt in an hotel before. everything from the great brakefast to the breathtaking pool was a once in a life time experience. anyway, its hard to describe the happiness we felt there .just go there. you want be disappointed. guarantied.:)

“A piece of heaven in Lefkada”

Serenity Lefkada definitely gave us one of the best vacations ever. What else can you ask for?? Graet hospitality by 2 of the nicest ladies ever that will be happy to help you with any question asked. A fabulous breakfast every morning exactly as you ask for that is made out of the best ingredients around, Romantic suites that fits just perfect. The coolest swimming pool i’v seen in my life with an AMAZING sea view that makes you feel one piece with the ocean. Serenity Is the perfect name for it. The hotel is located in a perfect point at Lefkada island with lots to see around. dont forget to visit the beaches (Egremni Beach is our favorite no question about it) and the small villages around. Enjoy! The Gutmans 🙂

“Amazing place great view great hospitality!”

We arrived lest summer. We found it to be well Accommodating. The stuff was very helpfully and kind, Attending to every one of our needs. The close proximity to the beach Makes it Even better. The place is very Romantic. We will definitely be back this summer.

“One of the best places I’ve been to relax”

Very recommend ! Near the best beaches . A very good Breakfast, with local ingredients from the locals . Spoiling suites . Very worm and welcome owners . Very recommended for families. I had a very good memories from the place that I toke back home and will keep with me forever .for sour ill come back and I really recommend abut the place .

“The best value for money ever”

I took a short vacation with my wife. Serenity gave us all we need, warm atmosphere, excellent hospitality, good rest and body health. Even though the drive to there took us a few, we use it to stop to eat and enjoy the magical view. The beaches hoooo, the beaches…

“Magical spot at the island of Lefkada”

When I first visited Serenity Boutique hotel, my heart missed a beat against the infinite view of the Ionian Sea from the balcony. Two women (the owners) welcomed us with a warm homey family atmosphere. The hotel itself is located above the village of Athani, and it very special designed. We got a suite which was very large and very special ,with a huge window looking to the view and to the amazing pool merging with the sea. During the day we drove through the mountains down to the island’s beautiful beaches. At afternoon we rushed back to the hotel’s swimming pool to relax and watch the amazing sunsets. It was a magical vacation to my family and me, so we went back there the next summer.


I sat at my desk in England, in the cold, and thinking back to great summer i head in Vassilk, and it accrued to me hat i never thanked you for letting me, my friends, and my family use you stunning infinity pool. Thanks you so, so much, i had the best time! you clearly own the most beautiful boutique hotel on the island. I hope that i am able to come back and visit next year.


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