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“Serenity” hotel provides pampering spa and facial beauty treatments with the personal touch of a professional therapist.The different massage techniques include 90 minutes of peeling and deep cleansing of the skin using the very special Dead Sea products jacuzzi bath,snack and a glass of champagne

.Swedish massage – relaxing treatment alleviating tension and muscle pain
.Deep Tissue Massage – the main objective being to help relieve stress
.Reflexology – a natural healing art based on the reflexes in the feet, hands and ears corresponding with the whole body

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The treatments we offer :
Swedish Massage – relaxing and pampering treatment gives an effective solution to relieve stress and muscle pain. This massage is suitable for those suffering mental tensions , helps in achieving spiritual calm and stimulating circulation. Swedish massage is characterized by a caressing touch and pleasant , therefore also suitable for people who want to enjoy a pampering treatment for no particular reason . Treatment is performed on a massage table and he has all the body when the patient is covered with a sheet or towel.
Medical Massage – Medical massage is designed to treat the physical layer than the mental level . The goal of medical massage therapy is to restore the body to normal functioning ,pain relief, release tight muscles (occupied), improving joint range of motion and improving general well-being . During medical massage therapy , the therapist uses a variety of manual techniques that include some use of oil massage by working on the clothing .
Deep tissue massage – the main goal of “deep tissue massage” is to help alleviate tension and stress that accumulate muscle tissue fibers , treatment is not suitable for pregnant women , children, or diseases such as diabetes , high blood pressure , cardiovascular problems , etc. . Massage feel good factor , and beneficial to your health . Tight muscles block the passage of oxygen and nutrient value materials , and encourage muscle tissue infections . Deep tissue massage is toning them , freeing them of toxins and is beneficial to the circulatory system and beyond oxygen , it is important to drink plenty of water to drain out toxins from the body.
Reflexology – the base system, is the understanding that the body and all its systems are reflected in the feet and by massage and pressure in certain areas and varying intensities , can be influenced. A reflexology treatment is suitable for a wide range of problems and especially , anyone can enjoy it .
Body Peeling – removes all the dead skin cells allows rapid regeneration of the skin and stimulates blood circulation.

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